Ecomerit has assembled a highly qualified, experienced, and multi-disciplinary team for its marine renewable energy projects with expertise from industry, academia, and specialized marine research laboratories. Ecomerit is collaborating with marine engineering organizations, bringing expertise in marine engineering and fabrication, drivetrain engineering, electrical power generation, and mooring and anchoring systems. Project partners include Penn State Advanced Research Laboratory, Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division, General Atomics, Inc., PCCI, and Luna, Inc.

James G.P. Dehlsen, Innovation and System Architecture

Jim is recognized as a pioneer and world leader in wind power and renewable energy. Jim co-founded Clipper Windpower, Inc., where he serves as Executive Chairman. Clipper developed the breakthrough 2.5 MW Liberty wind turbine and is currently advancing the development of a 10 MW offshore turbine project that he initiated in 2007.

In 1980, Jim founded Zond Corporation and served as Chief Executive Officer, and as Executive Chairman of the Board until its acquisition by Enron Corporation in 2000. Zond pioneered wind power technology developing three generations of wind turbines, growing rapidly to become one of the largest global companies in wind turbine manufacturing, wind power project development, and plant operation. In 2002 following Enron’s demise, General Electric purchased the wind energy business and technology for its entry into the wind industry. Recognition of his work includes the Lifetime Achievement Award conferred by the American Wind Energy Association and the Danish Medal of Honor conferred by his Royal Highness, Prince Henrik of Denmark. Jim has served as an advisor to the Department of Energy’s Wind Program and has testified at U.S. House and Senate hearings on renewable energy related issues.

Jim has 13 patents and nine patents pending.

James Brenton (“Brent”) Dehlsen, CEO

Brent co-founded Clipper Windpower in 2001 and managed the growth of the company as COO until 2008 and is currently an independent Board member. At Clipper, Brent was responsible for leading all of the operational activities, including technology development and testing of the Liberty 2.5 MW turbine, establishment of manufacturing and assembly facilities, development of the supply chain, and manufacturing startup with production and deployment.

In 1997, Brent founded Dehlsen Associates (“DA”), a research and development organization specializing in renewable energy technologies. DA originated and patented the D-GEN drivetrain used in Clipper turbines. Previously, Brent worked at Zond Corporation in production assessment for 2,500 wind turbines, plant operations and maintenance, and the commissioning of new facilities. Brent is Founder and President of Avianda, LLC, engaged in the development and construction of sustainable residential properties in Mexico utilizing an efficient, panelized building system. He received his BA from San Diego State University and his MBA from the University of San Diego.