Ecomerit engages in development of transformational sustainability technologies. We innovate and invent; we vet third party technologies. We use systematic technical and economic analysis in selecting projects we aim to advance to commercial-ready status. Ecomerit’s priority projects follow.


Significant areas of renewable energy still remain untapped for lack of appropriate and cost-effective technology. The Ecomerit leadership is applying its experience in successful wind power technology development and industrialization, to advancing new power systems based on marine currents, wave energy, solar energy, and energy storage. Ecomerit is also developing pumping technology to enhance efficiency in reverse osmosis desalinization. In most instances, we aim for a three to five year development and testing cycle, coupled with planning for early stage commercialization.


Ecomerit creates green housing and communities, always striving for the lightest environmental impact over the long term. In support of this, we produce a proprietary panelized construction systems, solar thermal appliances, and dual-pane windows. Our energy-efficient building design is complemented by infrastructure design sensitive to resource conservation, such as gray water reclamation and arid/natural landscaping.


Ecomerit aims to utilize its resources, from time to time, to meet the urgent need for solutions to catastrophic environmental problems. The Thermal Taming Chamber (TTC) is an example of Ecomerit’s efforts in this regard. The TTC design represents a new generation underwater containment system for the collection and transfer of oil and gas in deepwater environments.

This type of effort by Ecomerit will not always lead to a commercial opportunity, however, we believe that when an environmental disaster calls, we may have solutions that can be innovative and helpful, and we are committed to doing our best to assist as needed.